Jesus Christ
Did Jesus ever exist?   Open Captioning Is there historical evidence for Jesus?   Open Captioning
Do non-Christian sources report aspects of Jesus' life? Are the Bible stories of Jesus just myths?
Does God know who I am and what I do? Will God forgive my harmful mistakes?
I'm not a bad person. Why would I need forgiveness? I don't believe God will forgive me for what I've done.
How can I have a relationship with God? Is Jesus the only way to God?
Is Jesus Christ God? Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead?
Were Jesus' death and resurrection hoaxes? How do we know Jesus died on the Cross?
What facts support Jesus' resurrection? Is there historical data on the empty tomb?
Can the accounts of Jesus' risen appearances be trusted? (additional answer) How early are the resurrection references?
Does prophecy support Jesus as the Messiah? Did Jesus claim to be God?
Did Jesus claim to be the Son of God? Did Jesus claim to be the Son of Man?
Do Christians believe there are three Gods - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Can Jesus relate to me and offer hope in my daily life?
What kind of peace does Jesus offer? Why are some Christians hypocrites? (additional answer)
Is Christianity a crutch? If I still have questions, can I begin a relationship with Jesus?
What is it like to have a relationship with Jesus? Does God really have a purpose for my life?
What will my family and friends think? How could having doubt strengthen my faith?
How can I have a relationship with God?
The Bible
Can anyone know whether the Bible is true? Does archaeology confirm or contradict the Bible?
Do science and the Bible agree? Does fulfilled prophecy show that the Bible is God's word?
Has the Bible been changed over time? (additional answer) Can I trust the Bible? (additional answer)
What makes the Bible so special? Is the New Testament we have today the same as what was originally written?
Are there good reasons to believe that the Bible is God's Word? How can the Bible help me?
How can I interpret the Bible?
Knowing Truth
I believe spiritual truth is relative and decided by each person. Is anything truly right or truly wrong?
Isn't religion something that can only be known through blind faith? How can I evaluate a belief system?
Don't all religions teach the same thing? With so many religions claiming to be true, what makes Christ's claims different?
Won't God accept people who are religious and sincere, but don't believe in Jesus?  
Existence of God
I question whether or not God exists. (additional answer) How can anyone know God exists? (additional answer)
Isn't belief in God incompatible with evolutionary theory? Are there problems with the way the theory of evolution is typically taught?
How does one go about detecting design? Is intelligent design scientifically legitimate?
What is the difference between intelligent design and creationism? Would a loving God allow bad things to happen to good people?
Why would God allow innocent children to suffer and even die? Why would God allow natural disasters?
Why are so many wars fought in God's name? Can an intelligent person really believe in Satan as a cause of evil?
Is a God of miracles impossible? Is it rational to believe in miracles?
How does Jesus differ from other miracle workers of his day? Is there any proof for miracles outside the Bible?
Life After Death
Is Heaven more than wishful thinking? Won't good, moral, ethical people go to Heaven?
What about those people who have never heard about Jesus? How can I be sure that I'll go to Heaven?
Is there a literal Hell? How can I have a relationship with God?