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About Us

"JESUS: Fact or Fiction?" is a platform for exploring spiritual questions and answers. This website was designed by Jesus Film Project®, a non-profit organization based in Orlando, Florida.

This website was created to allow you to take a "
Journey of Spiritual Discovery" to hear experts in history, philosophy, theology and science address more than 50 of life's toughest questions about Jesus, God, and the Bible. 

Also, you can hear compelling life stories from people whose lives have been changed by Jesus, as well as view the award-winning film, "JESUS." Whether you are seeking answers or wanting to build upon the foundation of your faith, we invite you to take a personal Journey of Spiritual Discovery.

The "JESUS" film, produced in 1979, has been watched in every country of the world and translated into more than 1,700 languages. Please visit the Jesus Film Project site to learn more.


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